Скъпи приятели,

Коментарите по темата “Малка или голяма е нуждата от нови училищни тоалетни” вече са затворени.

Екипът на Национална мрежа за децата ви благодари от сърце за участието, за честно изказаното мнение и желанието да се включите в разрешаването на проблема с училищните тоалетни.

Вашите мнения са събрани и ще бъдат представени пред институциите, от които зависи оправянето на тоалетните. Надяваме се съвсем скоро да съобщим добрата новина – че е взето решение за ремонт на всички училищни тоалетни в България.

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Auto Electrical Components – the Story

The Advantages of Auto Electrical Components Optima RedTop batteries are intended for starting applications that require high amperage for quite a short moment. Again, it ought not fall below 9 volts. Checking your alternator regularly is extremely important since it isn’t always noticeable when it fails. A solenoid is a particular kind of relay with [...]

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Finding the Best Samsung Galaxy Notes Accessories

If you are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note, one of the most popular things that you can do is to look for and purchase Samsung Galaxy Note accessories. With the vast variety of accessories that you can choose from, you will not find it hard to find something suitable for your phone. As [...]

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Vcg Information Centre & Cloud

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is a Canadian law that relates to information privacy. PIPEDA governs how private and public sector organizations gather, use and disclose personal data in the course of commercial enterprise. With ease and reliability, we have deployed a state-of-the art turnkey platform from which our partners can create [...]

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The Advantages Of Buying Cast Iron Pipe Fittings

Cast iron pipe fittings are generally classified into two categories either as Spigot and Hub or as Plain Hub and Spigot. Plain Hub pipe fittings include a threaded steel sleeve, which is seated and secured in place by the aid of a small steel ring, lined with a protective rubber gasket. The threaded portion is [...]

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Buy Medals – the Conspiracy

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Johanne Desforges Jazz

This is also an evolving list that, like opinions, can shift over time. How we got to the current Edmonton International Jazz Festival is a convoluted story that says much about funding the arts, the fortunes of jazz music in a pop-culture world, and the changing face of Edmonton in the summertime. Indeed, you might [...]

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Smartphone Mounts And Selfie Sticks

Love that the light has three levels of brightness; the remote is easy to set up and works with still and video; the tripod is very versatile. This is a great deal for all three items and would buy again. The TM-2 can be used for shooting in a wide range of scenarios, such as [...]

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Salty Pig Team Will Open A Venetian Bacaro In The South End

She chronicles her many scrapbook projects and crafty adventures on her blog entitled “The Mothership Scrapbook Gal”. Honey-colored wooden louvers attach to the cluster of U-shaped, rich leather booths that frame the restaurant, creating intimacy for seated guests. Using arches to soften corners and layer in visual interest, Project M Plus played with warm metallic [...]

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Cultural Foods In Toronto

We teach folks to prepare just before a disaster strikes, but we are nevertheless going to be here to assist immediately after it occurs. We reside here, and we understand and study the requires Canadians have. We love this nation, and we want to make it far better by helping folks. Briden Options is a [...]

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Facts About How to Buy Lidocaine 5 Cream in Canada

The effects of excessive lidocaine use (and its subsequent reduction) on the body can be devastating. People who have been addicted to lidocaine for extended periods of time develop severe complications such as cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, nerve damage, headaches, tremors, irregular heartbeat and even death. Unfortunately, there are many who end up dead [...]

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